3 dreams in two days

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3 dreams in two days

Post by alamos001 on Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:37 pm

I thank God for giving you the gift to interpret dreams to God be the glory in Jesus name. Here is my first dream. Note: A couple weeks before I was cutting down tree limbs in my backyard. I dreamed that I was in my backyard cutting down tree limbs and I noticed that a huge tree bark was growing from the side of my house. As I proceeded to the front of the house it was not my current home but my childhood home. I was with my brother and I noticed the bark covered the whole house. My brother suggested that we cross the street to see how big the tree was and we kept backing up going back back we climbed on top of a wall and noticed that the tree had taken over the entire house. I could see the top of the tree sprouting through the roof. to my left my brother had departed and I noticed to my right my older brother (we had had a strained relationship) was not happy he had an frown on his face. All of a sudden I was driving down a clear road located in my childhood neighborhood I decided to turn around and my car became a bike that had broken. I bumped into a red car the front end had a little damage I apologized to the driver he said it was okay. So I entered my child hood candy store but it was different inside a lady behind the counter looked like a pharmacist and another lady look like a beautician. I went in and saw that I needed soap and ice cream. Dream #2 I was in a laundromat getting ready to wash my clothes its was crowded and no machines were available except dryers. As I waited I noticed a lady smiling at me I decided to look the other way because I felt uncomfortable since I am married. A machine became available but a it was being held for someone else. I spotted a machine proceeded to put clothes in but a lady came and said the machine belonged to her and proceeded to take out the clothes but behind me was a man whos face I could not see I felt discomfort. Dream #3 it was like a repeat i was in a room very nice it was very nice furniture and alot of people were there. I noticed a man in the bac of the room frowning at me but I was not afraid (i dreamed this twice) the only difference was the room had these cones that looked like giant flutes hanging from the ceiling rotating blocking the sunlight as they spent. I sat by a window I am not sure if the sun was rising or settling because the blinds blocked some of the light.

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