A drunk in my daughter's life and a move to another town.

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A drunk in my daughter's life and a move to another town.

Post by Den on Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:10 am

In my dream: My daughter just started a relationship with a man wich is drunk all the time. I have told my daughter it's not good for you, you have to separed yourself from him. I ask my daughter let me tell him to leave and she agreed with me. I told that man to leave and he was so angry, he went out the door but soon he was out, he try to get in the house again, he was pushing so hard on the door that I was having a hard time to keep it close, but i was determine not to let him in the house again.

Later in the same night I dream: I was lay-off from my job because my boss was moving to another town name Ottawa. She was bringing some employees with her and I was chosen. I was very happy about the news and told everyone that. This was a great opportunity for me, new life, new begennings, and a chance to make alot of money. The only problem that I had was to be far away from my daughter, but I told, I can take the plane often to come to visite her.

Thank you for interpreting my dreams,
God blessings on you,
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