I dreamed STAR

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I dreamed STAR

Post by dreams on Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:57 am

In this dream, I was in what appeared to be a room. It was kind of fancy (maybe a fancy cafe). Anway, I was sitting down, when I was approached by a well known, I guess you could call him a star. This man came and sat by me. At that moment I saw a lady was standing on a performance stage. She had blond waivy hair and a cute smile.

He began to explain to me there was nothing between the two of them. SOmething I cant forget, He told me wanted to date me. I could feel his feelings, which seemed to be deeply sincere, and for some reason I knew that he ment what he said. He cared for me and really liked me.

Later he began to tell me about his children. It was as if he were testing me to see if I had a problem with it. I dont think I did, seeing that I have kids of my own.

ANyway at the end of the dream, I remember something about him being broke, or broken.

I would appareciate if I could get an interpretation if God willing. Thank you for your time and GOd bless you.

One more thing, when I awakened, I still felt the sincere caring perhaps loving feelings he had for me. It lasted thru out the day. I felt like a young girl in love for the first time.

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