Dreams (War and a Proverb)

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Dreams (War and a Proverb)

Post by TrueTriumphant on Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:32 pm

Here are two dreams I had back to back I believe them to be related...

Dream #1
I remember being in a school (I think elementary) in the U.S.. Some of the political figures of the U.S. were going around the classrooms letting the students know what was going on. The t.v.'s cut on and we saw what was going on around the world. I saw them as if I was there in person. I saw war in Africa. There were people gathered together in one place and all of a sudden these bombs came out of the sky killing everyone that was there. I then saw this spanish or Asian country (not sure). In the country two groups of people from what seemed to be the same country were coming against each other. One group had guns the other group had other weapons and they began to fight. Many died. I then saw Russia and some other country fighting. The Russians were winning and after killing all of the adults they told all the children they were going to send them to heaven and brutally shot them to death.

I saw an alligator protecting a wolf cub. The alligator placed the wolf cub in her stomach to protect the cub (I saw the alligator in a large tree and her stomach was very spacious). Then I saw hippos in the water by a mountainous area eating the dung of the alligators.
***** I also saw alot of other animals before and after the above dream but I only remember the above vision)

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Re: Dreams (War and a Proverb)

Post by hind'sfeet on Sun Jul 11, 2010 10:54 pm

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