Chaos in the school

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Chaos in the school

Post by Khalilah on Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:01 pm

I had a dream - I was in a school building and it was in chaos . People were running all over the place...They were afraid. I saw clouds of black smoke, orange flames of fire. I was faced with an african american women like myself....She was possessed and screamed at me in an unknown language , her teeth were somewhat pointy...If I heard the language again I would recognize it. Behind her was a prophet in my church and he said "their not here for them, their here for you"...

I went through the school buiding -running and out the door into the street where the people were running, screaming, crying, more3 fires....I went to the corner of the block the school was on and turned there was a street filled with houses (like brownstones) I began running up the block and stopped at a house where there was an open door at ground level- I went in and there were 3 men there - 1 resembled Scotti Pipen (the old chicago bulls basketball player) the other 2 I did not know - I began shouting you have to get up, there is a battle at hand, their comingg. We have to arm ourselves...I looked for weapons - I remember a brown wood tone dresser that had a oval mirror also brown above it. To the right where the men sat was another open door- It ed outdoors to what looked like green grass/pastures. I walked towards it and saw that the house were built in a circle- They all backed up to the green pasture and everyone in every house could access it through their back door- Thats all I remember

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