Praying for LeBron

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Praying for LeBron

Post by king Rex on Sun Jul 11, 2010 3:26 am

I dreamt that i was in a restaurant with LeBron and a friend or two, just after eating - we talked about what is happening and what he personally is going through, so i held is hands and prayed for him...

PS: I dream a lot about famous people: Michael Jackson, Tyler Perry, Gutti, Scottie Pippen, Jay Z & Beyonce (in my dream it seemed i was on a bed relaxing when i felt a nudge then Beyonce said "push i am tired i need to rest, i pushed , turned around and saw jay z as well on the edge of the bed, i then got up entirely to allow both of them to sleep !!!

PS: IRL (I am a huge fan of basketball)

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