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Post by masgogo on Sun Jul 11, 2010 3:16 am

Hello again everyone

I seem to be having dreams time and time again, and i have realised that with this forum i have come to grow in understaning the meaning of dreams. This is what i dreamnt of last night. We were cant remember with who in specific but there was a lot of people, some of them were my ex-boyfriends young brothers and him outside my father's house and there was a woman who had bought furniture saying its for our house (sofas, with linen in beautiful colours, red, blue, purple, orange i mean all colours u can think of. Some materials of the sofas were of velvet and cushions were of silk). We started walking as if she was leaving then she said to me ohhh u can have these handbags, now one was made of straw goldish in colour and it had a beautiful orange ribbon decoration around it. The 2nd one was brown leather like in colour and had the same orange ribbon on it.

What could this mean. Can this be related to a dream that my friend had few ago,, she said she dreamnt that they had come to my house with flowers and baby clothes. Help please

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