Neighbour, street and housenumber

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Neighbour, street and housenumber

Post by Grace010 on Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:39 am

this dream asked many questions in my mind. I found out somebody who I like became my neighbour. and I live at ***streetname** 63 and he lives at ****65*****.( the same street, same etage) but I didnt have any courage to say hello to him. I was asking my friend about his situation whether he will get married or not. my friend told me there is somebody who he cares for and that is me! I was surprise to hear that and I couldnt believe it, I thought he will get married very soon. I kept asking her how did she know for sure and she gave me the same answer. to be honest my friend is not a christian. after that I woke up and became emotionally. Can Non Christian deliver the message? PLS help me to interpret this..

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