Reoccuring Dreams

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Reoccuring Dreams

Post by Lisa4 on Wed Jul 07, 2010 6:56 pm

Over the last year or so I have been having basically reoccuring dreams. It started out with a dream I had where I was santa claus. I was getting ready to go deliver toys. I magically changed my outfit to the santa outfit and was bording the sleigh. I asked my cat and dog if they would like to go with me and they answered me saying no they would wait here. My youngest daughter and my two nephews were in the sleigh and we went off delivering toys. I then took my nephews home and told them that I had to go over seas now and they needed to stay home. I told them to hold there hands out and think about what they wanted most for Christmas and it appeared in their hands.

Next I had a dream that started out as a lore about two sisters that would be born. My daughters. They were decendents of a tribe that had the ability to fly. The tribe had been all but destroyed by a general who had the
last name of my family before it came over to america. According to this ledgend when these two sisters were born all the women up to them in that line would have the ability to fly and anyone born after them would be able to. In the dream we were all flying and we were teaching my nephews how to fly. It ended with my daughters showing my mother that she could fly as well.

following this dream I dreamt that my family lived in this well protected area of north america. You were only allowed in if you were somehow related to the family. I had gone to pick up my nephews because it was time for them to learn their special gifts. Everyone in the family had a special gift. My oldest daughter could control the weather, she was in charge of creating white Christmas', my youngest could speak to the animals, my nephews found they could create decoration. Our whole family was in charge of Christmas. The eldest in family and her husband was in charge. The male would take the role of santa but the woman was the most important she was in charge of keeping the spirit of Christmas. They would rule for 100 years then the next in line would take their place. In my dream my mom and step dad were retiring and I was getting ready to take over. We were having a ceremony. Jesus had come down and told my mom and step dad for their faithful service they were going to there reward. They were taken to Heaven and I started my rule. I was in charge of preparing for the next generation. In my dream I was married. (I am not)

I then had a dream that my daughters and I were taking a walk in a garden with my mom. We were walking along talking when my youngest took off running after something. The rest of us took off after her. She ran up to a small hill and dove into it disappearing. I looked at my oldest and said guess its time to go to work. A portal appeared in the side of the hill. I told my mom we'll be back then we dove in. There was a spirit that was keeping dead souls captive and we had gone in to help free them. In the dream we could fly and I could also teleport.

that is the basic theme of my dreams sometimes I can move objects or have other magical powers. I dreamt again last night that my daughters and I were out in a field we were talking and practice our flying.

My daughter told me that she also has dreams that she has magical powers and can move objects with her mind.
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