Various Dreams/Visions

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Various Dreams/Visions

Post by Lady Firerose on Mon Jul 05, 2010 3:00 pm


My name is Lady Firerose and I need some help interpreting a few dreams and visions I had this morning after my devotion with God…

1.) I dreamt that my mom (who is deceased) had cooked and served dinner and that she was looking frumpy (something that was not apart of her character) and wearing a dark blue multicolored robe (consisted of light pink and green mostly in different designs). Within this dream and vision, I was eating out of one our white bowls with blue trim on the inside. On the inside of the bowl, there was a dark green lettuce (or some type of leefy vegetable) and with a little of what I assume to be ranch dressing. While we were eating, I asked and told my mom that I wanted a piece of fried chicken (I guess we had cooked it the day or night before) and I wanted it heated in the microwave. She went over to the refrigerator and plopped it in the middle of my bowl without heating it. While she was doing it, she had an attitude about it…She said “Oh well, you better take it as is.”

2.) I dreamt that while I was in my bed, my bed post was throwing itself across the room and that my bed itself was trying to catapult me out of it..(I truly have no clue what this means).

3.) I dreamt my dad and I had gone out to get something to eat. While we were getting to eat our food, we had parked in what seemed to be a driveway and against a building. We had gotten out of the car with food in hand and while we were getting out of the car, I saw one of my former students walking in front of our car. Then this particular dream vision ended..

4.) Lastly, I dreamt that I had met this guy named Brian who was dating someone else. In the dream he was extremely tall and nice looking. Someway and somehow, we ended up becoming friends. While in the dream, I dreamt that I was in the middle of the street, crossing it like a pedestrian would, but I was in one of the lanes. Specifically, the right turn lane and I saw myself being kneeling/bending down as if preparing for a race or to hop down a lane. As I was kneeling/bending, Brian came down behind me as if to shield me from something, but I do not know what. I asked him what was he doing where I was and I woke up…

These are the dreams and visions that I had earlier today. I also had a dream a few days ago where I was standing in front of my house waiting for my dad to pick me up. Then I saw two men who walked up and greeted each other as friends. They quickly passed by going on their way. Meanwhile, I am still waiting for my dad to pick me up and this man who I do not know approaches and tries to talk to me. Being full of fear, I ran back upstairs to my old apartment and screaming for my mom. I was trying to warn her about this man following me and then the dream and vision ends…

Thank you for reading and look forward for your spirit-filled interpretation..

Lady Firerose

-Remember that Real Soul Power is Remembering that Jesus Christ died so that we all can be free in Him because whom the Son sets free is free indeed...Be blessed..

Lady Firerose
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