Time poured into a bottle-oil/dog sleeping upon water and than running the race

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Time poured into a bottle-oil/dog sleeping upon water and than running the race

Post by one1cross on Sun Oct 12, 2008 6:59 pm

The Lord has given me many of dreams concerning, maturing, growing up, spending time with him and Im just in awe daily of Him, I truly am!
He taught me a lot about patience and resting at His feet..... I thank God because I didnt know how too and years ago I was like Lord everyone is hearing from you, give me my personal relationship with You O God, I want intimacy Lord but I dont know how.....than He was ever Faithful and True to show up and reveal Himself through dreams and visions and by Precious Holy Spirit! I will never forget how He showed me the time vision and what was spoken:

7/16/07 vision of 2 bottles/clock/time and oil!

As I lay upon my bed a vision came before me:

I saw a long narrow clock, all of a sudden it began to go into one of the bottles almost like that of melting into it and it went in.
Than the bottle with the clock inside it was than picked up and as it began to pour forth into the other bottle oil was poured into the empty bottle.

than the Holy Spirit spoke forth:
"The more TIME that you spend with ME the more of ME I shall pour forth into you, sayeth the Lord.

what was neat about this was after I got up to write everything down the Holy Spirit spoke forth, you see I thought the bottle was empty but I was wrong
and praise God for that.....

He said to me:"Not so my daughter for it is a continual pouring forth."

7/29/07-As Lay still before the Lord a vision came before me:
As though I was standing near to this scene a dog appeared before me and I watched him.
He came to the edge of a water. The water seemed to be peaceful and serene. The dog seemed peaceful as well.
He went to the edge and laid down by the very edge of this water and appeared to be sleeping . The place where he lied down was slanted, like that of a slanted hill but going into the water.
I thought to myself, the dog is going to fall in and than he'll wake up. I saw him slip into the water and he stayed curled up peacefully asleep as though he was floating atop of this water all the way to the other side. When the dog hit the other side he shook off the water and ran up over a high hill, never looking back.

than this was spoken: You have now learned to "REST" with ME and in ME and your soul is at rest. Now you shall cross over to the other side ! You shall run the race that I have set before thee and you shall run, you shall run with patience and endurance!
"He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul." -Psalm 23:2
"... run with patience
the race that is set before us ..." Heb. 12:1-3

.. Thinking:Jesus did not quittt when the going got tough. In his place of greatest need, stretched out on that cruel cross, his confession was not "I am finished" but "It (his task here on earth) is finished!"


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Re: Time poured into a bottle-oil/dog sleeping upon water and than running the race

Post by butterfly on Tue Oct 14, 2008 3:05 pm

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