Prayer for possible Cervical cancer.

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Re: Prayer for possible Cervical cancer.

Post by steadygaze on Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:28 am

Hi all I tell you the rain just keeps coming but I am still in this protected bubble of His unending peace and grace.

I had a Mammogram and it shows a lump on one of my breasts and they will compare the lump with my old Monogram's X ray's from Cali. On top of that, the pain in my right hip increased, so I saw the doc and he ordered a MRI.

I go in on the 28th to see if my foot is finally fusing it has been 5 months now since the surgery, and last time I went in was a few weeks ago and and it had not fused. So I am praying it is all the way fused because I sure do not want to go through another surgery.

All this is crazy and a total attack from the enemy. I stand on faith and trust the Lord in all of it.

I have been reading the book of John where He talks about when a man came to Jesus to heal His son, Jesus say's to the man, " what if I do not do these great signs and wonders will you still believe in me?" WOW! How often this took place in my life where the Lord asked me that same question.

Jesus Disciples saw a blind man and asked Jesus if the blindness came from the Fathers sin being passed down to the son. Jesus said no, it is so my Father will be glorified."I wonder how many times we judged someone by their illness from what was taught by others to us. I have pondered these things because I have done them myself to others. I Also have received this kind of judgment from others who are like Jobs friend . I know they meant well.

Also in the book of John, Lazarus was dying and very sick but Jesus allowed him to die. You can see the responses from both Mary and Martha. often when we are sick God may be dealing with those around us and their responses to Jesus. Also often like Mary and Martha we want Jesus to come right now and heal us in our time not in His time. Jesus was doing a full circle thing in what was taking place with Lazarus, He was testing the heart of Mary and Martha, and He was going to Glorify His Father to all those who stood and witnessed the resurrection of Lazarus.

Then in Mathew Jesus healed a palatalized man because of the paralyzed mans friends who had faith for His healing.

I have learned so much over the last five years dealing with health issues that seemed to of hit me like a flood. My heart is full of compassion for those who are sick and broken hearted. I no longer have zeal with out compassion. I only move when the spirit is on me for those who are sick or hurting in their hearts. I have grown up and have been maturing in this time through all I have walked through which has not been easy. The important thing here is not assuming someone is sick because they have sin, or un-forgiveness in their life, granted that too can be why their sick in their lives, I am not saying it isn't, but truly asking the Holy spirit what is He doing in their lives and what is behind the illness. I tell you I would have not learned what I have learned over the last five years if I had not gone through all I have been through physically. There is wisdom in the area of healing. Until someone walks through so much physical pain and physical issues with health they will never understand the Lords heart of compassion and wisdom in those whom they are praying for.

Please keep me in prayer as I deal with these issues and the cervical issue which will be on July 27, they will do another biopsy and they will cut the cells out and we will see if my inside will need to be taken out. I also did a bone density test praying that will come back negative.I will keep you posted. flower

Thanks so much I appreciate all of you being on my wall in prayer I covet all the prayers at this time.


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Re: Prayer for possible Cervical cancer.

Post by traveller on Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:19 am

Hi Jeanie,

I am still praying for you..You know, you are such a witness (and encouragement) in the way you stand in this right now. I was also thinking of Psalm 91, first part.. He who dwells in the secret place of the most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty(whose power no foe can withstand). Praise to God, this already is a testimony for Him, it's getting bigger..
I pray His continuing healing presence and blessings upon/over you! lots of love from here,


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