Could any one interpret this dream?

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Could any one interpret this dream?

Post by Grace010 on Sat Jul 03, 2010 12:01 pm

in this dream I sat opposite of a man. I saw him all the time and he was sitting with another man. He weared light blue hat, light blue and white t-shirt. I guess he didnt look back at me when I looked at him. in the mean time he stood up and sat at the desk, wrote something. first I didnt have any courage to make a move, finally I stood up and went to him and with both of my arms STRAIGHTED ON table and called him pastor. then he turned back and gave me information about his emailaddress, name, cellphone number. I was surprise I thought I will be rejected. while i was reading his information, we got short conversation. he was telling me that this will be my opportunity and i asked him if this between I and him. he didnt answer back but I told him this is IMPOSSIBLE. after that I wrote my information and gave to him. he received it and he went down with the stairs and opened the door, he left. the dream ended.
Any Idea? I hope u can help me to interpret this.

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