An awesome river ride to Eden!

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An awesome river ride to Eden!

Post by researchforhumanity on Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:54 am

Please interpret Water slide ride for me.

I was in what appeared to be a small aluminum
boat, maybe about 14-18 feet in length, with no motor and no oars.
was holding on to the sides, one hand on the right and the other hand
on the left, and I was propelled by the current.
The water was
moving very fast and going down hill, with very sharp turns, 90 degrees
or sharper, but I wasn't scared. It was almost like an amusement ride
and I would steer the boat into the turns by leaning very hard to one
side or another, gathering speed as it hurled down hill through the
turns. It was almost frightening, but at the same time exhilarating and
the faster it went, the harder I had to lean and the tighter I had to
hold on!!!
The ride seemed to have lasted for a decent amount of
time, maybe 15-20 minutes, and the longer I rode, the faster it went,
but the calmer I got.
It finally emptied into a beautiful calm and
serene large pool or Pond, with beautiful weeping willows, blue sky,
birds and rainbows; The Garden of Eden?
As the boat was slowing down
I leaned over the front, rested my chest on the bow and started
paddling with my hands feverishly to try and keep the speed up so I
could catch up with the boat in front of me. I finally caught up and
gave the other boat a soft nudge from behind almost like a child playing
and sneaking up on a friend.
The person in the other boat had their
back towards me and never turned around, but I think it was a very
beautiful woman; maybe my Ex-wife.

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Re: An awesome river ride to Eden!

Post by hind'sfeet on Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:31 am

Super cool dream!!!

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