New house... Interesting dream with lots to it!

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New house... Interesting dream with lots to it!

Post by Rochelle123 on Thu Jul 01, 2010 3:14 am

I had a dream that I was looking around a womans house (I didnt know her though). Her house was lovely and new and shiney... her kitchen was a strange shape- it was round and some places in the kitchen circle were higher than others.. so when i went to the top of the kitchen circle and walked around, i started to slide down the lower parts of the kitchen circle. The kitchen unusually was a purple colour, almost like auborgine- everything was brand new and shiny. As we walked out of the kitchen area there was like leather sofas marking out the beginning of the open plan living room, and the leather sofas made almost like a ledge that you could perhaps sit on comforatbly- although for some reason my initial thought was that it would be a good place to have intercourse. The sofas were brown. On the floor near this sofa ledge was a yellow marking- almost like a line in which you use to make reference to two points (one on top of the other) when you are writing a list. This yellow marking pointed to a particular point on the floor where someone had written something along the lines of "a place/ or a time/ or a point of groundbreaking/ or recordbreaking history". I remember thinking this marking was strange being written on a shiny brand new floor, and thus thought it must have been to some importance to someone. I thought for (again, for some reason) that it was a spot on the floor where someone had had amazing intercourse that they'd never had before and therefore wanted to mark where it happened on the floor (have no idea why that came to mind). Then it was as if i started imagining this couple doing a sexual act by that marking, and i could hear their breathing- but started thinking "this is not right right" and the thoughts disappeared.

We then went to progress through the rest of the house, however it switched from it being someone elses house they were showing me, to it being my house that i was showing others. At this point we had reached my bedroom which was at the top of the house, and from the way it looked, my bedroom was an old bedroom (as in it was in an old house, as apposed to a shiney brand new). It was decorated really nicely- it was all red though and i remember thinking that it had too much red and that i needed to ad some golds and bronzes to it to even it out. I remember seeing all of my daughters fathers family in my room (only the adults excluding the brothers wives and my daughters father). I was showing them around and I remember walking in the room after them and seeing my daughters Uncle1 on my bed- but it was in the wrong place (as if it wasn't my bed). I remember thinking in the dream that he does it all the time, that I always found him in my bed asleep. I then said to him jokingly "you in my bed again yer?" (or something along those lines) and he jumped up and smiled and said "oh yer, sorry". Then i saw how my room was-very large and spacious, with my actual bed in the centre of the room and north of my bedhead was a massive almost floor to ceiling window. At that point in time it had white curtains and they were open.. they were fine curtains like the type that didn't block the light out, and i rememeber thinking that i needed to change them for some thick heavy gold ones with streaks of red in so that it matched the decor in my room. I lay on my bed and i remember randomly hearing music being played, and i was bopping along to it- and i caught my daughters other Uncle2's eye and he smiled at me and started boppin along too. I then looked back at the window, and asked my mom (who i'd just realised was in the room) to help me measure the window for new curtains, using a tape measure that I'd spotted. So I climbed on a stool and held the tape measeure up as she dropped it down, and she told me that I'd need to order the curtains in because the windows were so large- and I remember thinking that I didnt need to because my brown curtains from my last place were about the same length (which i didnt have to order). The dream then ended, with me thinking about whether I wanted to sleep in that old room by myself, and the thought of it being haunted with ghosts.

Please could you help me find what God is speaking to me about.. I've looked up a few symbols, but can't seem to piece it all together. Thank you, God's rich blessings.

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