New baby .... cant stop thinking about it....

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New baby .... cant stop thinking about it....

Post by living4HIM on Wed Jun 30, 2010 5:43 pm


Ive been away from here for a while and havent really been dreaming much lately, at least not anything particularly significant (you know the kind that sticks with you, the ones you cant forget.... the ones that are one you mind 24-7... yeah) So last night i have one of those dreams and ive been pondering and praying all day about it and cant get it off my mind.... i cant focus at all today lol so i thought i would share it and see what you all think!

I had a bunch of short dreams that i cant really remember and then i woke up and fell back to sleep around 5AM.... then i had this dream that my husband and i were visiting my grandparents in MD.... (my grandmother is a very godly woman and has always been a source of spiritual strength to me... it seemed significant that we were with them at this particular time!) We went to church with them and they was a lot of sharing and praying for lost souls during the service.... i felt really "on fire" at this service, you know when you are praying and worshiping and literally feel the presence of God all around you!

Then it switches and we are back at thier house... we are having coffee and chatting... My grandmother gets up and looks at my grandpa and says "Go check and see if they are here yet!" i asked her who was coming over at this hour? i dont know what time it was but it was dark out and i felt like it was very werid for someone to be visiting at such a late hour.... she didnt answer me, she just said "sit tight dear, you will like this visitor!" i continued to question her but she wouldnt tell... so i dropped it......

A few minutes later (i was in the kitchen getting some more coffee) the door bell rang. I quickly poured more coffee in my cup and hurried out to the living room to see who it was..... as i was making my way in i heard a woman i didnt know ask for me.... As i walked in i saw an older, thin, smilely woman holding a beautiful, chubby, bald baby. my grandma was grinning ear to ear and i thought to myself what a great woman she is no matter what the hour she is THRILLED with company! I approched the nice lady who gave me a big hug and introduced me to her husband... i then asked who the little baby was.... she looked at me with the warmest smile and handed him to me! i felt really awkward thinking it was crazy a complete stranger would just hand me her baby... and i was praying he wouldnt start screaming lol

He stared right at me once in my arms... he had piercing blue eyes and the chubbiest cheeks ive ever seen, he kind of "glowed" like his skin was so fair and "bright" (if that makes sense).... the nice lady looked at my grandma and smile again before saying..."well this is Baby Ben, hes 7 months old and the church is actually his legal guardian his mother surrendered him because she couldnt care for him, and.... well we heard that you and your husband have been waiting to adopt and had to come over and have you meet him!.... (she hugged me again and wink at my husband and said)... so if youd like to be his parents... HES YOURS!"

I burst into tears and begged her not to play with my emotions! she assured me she wasnt and said that she thinks he would be a perfect fit for us.... it was then that i asked her his name again... "Ben" she said... i looked at my husband who was crying and looked back at her and told her the Benjamin had been our favorite "baby boy" name for years! she smiled and said "of course it has... God knew all along that this was your son!" I immediately called our social worker who called the lawyer and within a very short amount of time the lawyer was there and we were signing papers (never seemed strange at all that that would be happening in the middle of the night lol).... i guess we stayed up all night lol because next thing i knew it was morning and my dad and step mom came over to bring a "congratulations breakfast" and meet thier new grandson!

Next i was in the kitchen worried that i hadnt fed him yet and he must be starving.... i looked down and there was a box of formula.... then i started panicing because i didnt know what to do with it or how to fix it for him (btw he never cried... all he did was smile at me), then a highschool friend came into the room and help me make his first bottle... well we spilled and broke the first one and made another one and then i sat down and fed him... i really felt like his mommy, i had this wonderful warm feeling flush over me while i was feeding him and he was looking up at me! My Dad came in to see him and took him and burped him.... he started to fuss and my dad handed him back to me and said "here you go mommy, your whole world wrapped up into one tiny little man... little Benjamin!" he kissed my forhead ......and then i woke up!

i have not been able to get that little chubby, cuddlely baby out of my head....


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