Friends in dream all doing other things

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Friends in dream all doing other things

Post by GodsChild01 on Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:27 am

HI all thanks for the last post it really helped......i just had this dream june 30 2010 i was at some sort of school on was lunch time. there was only about 10 - 15 people at lunch i only recognized 3.....
they were 3 people that have been in my life One was a girl that i use to talk to before when i was in the world we had a worldly relationship for about 5 months drinking smoking partying sex thats all it was based on i really cared about her we started telling each other we loved each other very soon even before we got together we never made it official because she wasent was dumb of me to fall for her so fast...... anyways after I got saved i let go of the break up and just were friends.. i havent hung out with her since but i have tried she keeps blowing me off.....i dont know if its because she know im going to talk about god or she just dosnt really care to ....anyways in my dream i see her with another girl hanging my dream i wanted to talk to her but i felt that she wouldnt care to talk about god so i decided to leave her alone and i walked another way.
....the other person in my dream is one of my guy friends he is a old friend the thing with him in my life i brang him to christ and we were praying together alot and going to church and stuff but when he goes home he does the same thing watches all kinds of movies always wants to be out the house and rebells against his parents his.....his parents do treat him bad verbally but he is also very stubborn and never dooes what they ask of him......he has alot of bitterness twords the because of the hurt they have caused him but its become to a point where hes disobeying god by not forgiving them....Like the Parable of the Kingdom of Heaven with the King and his Unforgiving servant.......hes always bitter twords them and dosnt care to help anyways in my dream i tell him why are you following me you need to stop being bitter and forgive your parrents you walk around with bbitterness all day.......he tells me THANKS FOR LEADING ME AWAY FROM GOD YOUR THE WORST CHRISTIAN EVER....thats what he said so after he took he walked away and i let him go
.....after he took off I saw another friend hanging out by him self this friend is christian supposebly but when hes at church he jokes alot about worldly music listening to and and singing to it also telling other people about the music getting them to like it he also jokes that hes gonna go party and club and i believe that he does still do all thoses things because i heard last time the hhe wanted to go to a bar.I went to him and said why are you by yourself he about to ditch lunch......i said ohhh ok...... i walked away as i left in my mind i thought to myself i could ditch the lunch too but i after i walked away from all 3 i had a basket ball in my hand and one shoe on...i was looking for the other but i couldnt find it......then i woke up.....what do u guys think the dream ment.

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