Silver Pebbles and 7 diamonds in my pocket.

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Silver Pebbles and 7 diamonds in my pocket.

Post by Jennifer02 on Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:42 pm

I had a dream that I was on a train. The train was filled with people I had known or been acquainted with at some point in my life. But we weren't together. They were just there. I was on a mission. A very important mission, but I wasn't the only one, we were separated for safety reasons. I had a duffel bag filled with tiny silver pebbles, and so did the others. We each were on different sections of the train. Also in this dream I got the distinct feeling that I was the one the others looked to. But the silver pebbles were so much more important than just stone. They were precious, and I was ... fond of them. It wasn't about money or them being worth worldly things. It was extremely important that I got them to their destination. Even worth my own life. I had to keep them secret, because although I knew everyone on the train, the enemy was everywhere, and I could trust no one! If he got a hold of them... It would be a very very bad thing! I also had 7 diamonds in my pocket. They were varied in size and value. One was huge! about the size of a tangerine. But they were more important than anything! I was chosen to carry them. I felt unworthy of this responsibility. And I was so afraid of failing. I could NOT fail. It was an 'All would be lost' sort of thing. No one! Not even the others could know about the diamonds. I had to keep them safe. I could not lose them, and I could NOT let the enemy take them from me. But they kept falling out of my pocket onto the floor of the train. I would carefully pick them up as to not draw attention. But I just wanted to burst into tears! I kept thinking 'Why me!? I am not worthy of this! Look what keeps happening!?' Then the train started to slow to a stop and we were supposed to get off for a little while. I couldn't carry the duffel bag with me so I locked it in the bathroom and thought 'it would be safer locked in here. No one is allowed on the train until it's time to leave so this is good.' Then some one started talking to me while we were standing waiting for the train doors to open. Talking about something we did together once, but I was trying to plan. I could not leave the diamonds. I had to keep them with me. I had to know they were safe at all times. As we stepped out of the train I was thinking about how it was dangerous out here and why would we stop here... We were on the side of a mountain and the train tracks were on a crevice carved out of the side of this mountain. There was a path that zig zagged down to a valley with very green grass and white tents. I had to be very careful going down because it was very steep and the path was very narrow, if I wasn't careful I would fall. As we got closer to the valley it wasn't so steep, more like a hill and my brother came running to me, he had my daughter Naomi, who was almost 2 at the time. He was saying 'Jennifer! You HAVE to come see this! It's so awesome! Seriously!' I looked passed him and saw my uncle, whom I don't know very well at all, but he looked different, his eyes were bloodshot and he had sunken dark circles under his eyes and he looked so dirty and gross. His mouth was even dirty, and he was staring at me and walking in my direction. I tried to shush my brother but he kept trying to get me to go look at the thing he thought was so cool, so i finally looked him dead in the eyes and tried to show him with my eyes that he needed to listen to me and said in a clenched teeth whisper, 'Alex, listen to me! Please, you have to go. Run! Now! Run!' And he said, 'what? No you have to see this!' I took the diamonds out of my pocket and put them into Naomi's (my daughter) diaper and said in a whisper, 'Alex please, you have to listen! to me! Run! Go! Run now!' And I pushed passed him and started walking to one of the white tents. The door was on my uncles side so I lifted up one corner and got in the tent. It had little red and flat square bricks scattered on the floor, and a black wood stove in the corner. He came in through the doors (the doors were just flaps that hung down, so they could easily be pushed aside.) I was scared. he was smiling and his teeth were gross, and he said 'Ah, Jennifer. I know. Yes, I know you have them. Lets make this easy. Give them to me and I will let you go.' I turned to lift the bottom of the tent and started to go out but he grabbed my foot and pulled me back. He had this weird hook thing that was on a stick like a shovel stick, but the hook was small and instead of it going around into a crescent shape, it curved and straightened out sideways if that makes any sense at all.. He laughed and said 'just give them to me, I know you have them and you WILL give them to ME!'. I said 'I don't know what you're talking about.' and he said 'haha! You do, and you will give them to me... one way or another.' and I said 'You will never get them! Haha! Haven't you heard? You. Lose.' Then he started flinging these small square tile-like red bricks at my face. They had a design on them but I can't remember. It hurt. He was getting really mad and he kept saying 'GIVE THEM TO ME!' as he kept flinging the bricks at my face with the weird hook thing. I turned to run and he grabbed me and threw me into an old fashioned like stove that was burning with fire. Then I woke up physically feeling pain on my face from the bricks.

I just wish I could know what this means? and what I am supposed to do with it! Or what I am supposed to do period! Obviously God is giving these dreams to me for a reason. I don't believe that these are just every day things. These are full of meaning and purpose. Same with my other dream about the Ravens... I need to know what I am supposed to do... I can see the things that are symbolic, but I don't see what they are symbolic FOR. And I can't see where God is leading me... Can some one please interpret for me... Daniel interpreted the Kings dreams, and gave him direction as well... Daniel heard from God, And God used Daniel to give the king specific instruction. With this dream, and the Raven dream, I think every detail is extremely important. The train, the people, the silver, the diamonds specifically, AND them falling out of my pocket, my emotions, the mountain, the trail, the valley, the tents, hiding the diamonds in Naomi's diaper(whether Naomi or my brother specifically being important-I don't get that feeling especially since my brother was being so normal. But the way I talked to him was important.) the fire, the hook, the bricks. All of it. every detail. And same with the Ravens, The woods, the people, the water, the authority... I think they all are very very important details... I just don't understand. Why does God have to be so vague?
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