A dry bone hand (skeleton)

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A dry bone hand (skeleton)

Post by king Rex on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:00 am

I couldn't catch this dream well but will want an interpretation- it seem we (my family) were on holidays when all of a sudden there was chaos, a black man in a red t-shirt working there was caught and accused of using evil powers, all of a sudden there was a deep dam and together with two white females fell into the dam. There were people watching them as they plunged into the dam, suddenly all the people dissappeared leaving only two a young guy and girl.
Then in what seem to be a hotel room my wife and i discovered a dry bone hand, as shocked as we were to find it looking at the bone, the bone seem to have some electricity in it, (and i thought to myself in the dream, can this be a bone of a dead girl who came to this hotel ) and i woke up.

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