Threading water

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Threading water

Post by IKearson on Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:34 am

I had this dream two night ago. My Sister and me were visiting some people upon arrivig at their house there were no gates or anything. After a while I was ready to leave but my sister was a little hesitant but we left. However on the way out there was a locked gate so we took a guided path which lead to water. In the water was a wooden platform but some of it was rotten and I needed to jump on the part of the platform that was sturdy and I did. Then I remembered jumping off on the other side to get to shore. When I jumped off the platform there was sand beneath my feet and a rope that was tied around my waist that was attached to my sister who was off in a distance behind me. As i threaded the water heading to the opposite side, the sand disappeared and if was as if the water beneath my feet was a foundation. I said to myself I know I can not swim but I can not focus on that right now and kept on going until I reached the shore. I kept praying in the name of Jesus until I reached the shore. Then I got out off the lake and shock the water off of me this is when I heard another one of my sisters say to the other sister who was connected to me by the rope say,'' you had better been thankful for Isa, because if it wasn't for her you would not have made it. I woke up

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