Talking to the President

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Talking to the President

Post by chatia on Mon Jun 28, 2010 6:04 am

This is a dream that my husband had, I was hoping someone has the interpretation.
He wasn't quite sure as to where he is. Standing there, a man walks by my husband he cannot see his face so he taps his arm when he turns around, to my husbands surprise it is Pres. Obama. My husband asked him if he would help him to get a job. Obama asked if he had his resume, my husband responded yes and then handed it to him. He tells my husband that he will get it where it needs to go but he is to tell know one how it got there. My husband gets called to meet with who seems to be the CIO of this place and the frst question that was asked is how did his resume get put on to his desk and into his hands.
Thanks so much!

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