Dream about big old dark house with government secrets

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Dream about big old dark house with government secrets

Post by steadygaze on Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:36 am

Hi here is a dream I had yesterday.

I dreamt that I went to this huge old house and it was dark but inside it
had government secrets of things to come, and I met a man who was also inside
this house he had a newspaper of upcoming events. I knew I was to move there in
this old dark house of mysteries hidden in the darkness about our government. So
I told the man I needed to go home and sell everything and that I will move into
this old dark house. I also had these kittens to take care of their eyes were
not open yet and I tried to feed them and I drowned them so I had to resuscitate
them and bring them back to life I did the best I could but I kept making
mistakes. Then I go to the Airport to fly home to see my things and in this
Airport was my cousins who were at the gate when I came in and they said hello
and then I needed a drink before my plan was to take off and this guy who was
selling the drinks took most of my money and gave a bunch of pennies back as
change I was like this robed me and I did not have much money. Then I finally
get on the plan to head home to sell everything to move into the house of
secrets and mysteries that were in hidden in the dark house.
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