Shark Attack!

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Shark Attack!

Post by dem on Sat Jun 26, 2010 5:21 pm

I dreamt this years ago...

I dreamt that I was in the ocean,and I got to this building that was in the middle of the ocean. I was standing on this narrow side walk and these sharks were trying to attack me. I started speaking in tongues and the sharks left. I walked around to the other side of the building where the sidewalk was broader and my husband was on that side. There was this huge shark out in the ocean at a distance looking at us, and my husband was standing at the edge of the side walk near the ocean. He began to taunt the shark, and the shark swam up to him and snapped at him and missed him. The shark swam back at a distance and looked at us as if waiting for the right moment. My husband began to taunt the shark again, and I told my husband to stop; God protected you the last time, but He might not do it again. You should never test God. He didnít listen to me, and when the shark came back, it opened its mouth, and my husband lied down in its mouth and the shark swam away.

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Re: Shark Attack!

Post by Nyagali on Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:46 am

I've not taken the accuracy test but this is what I see. Please pray on this and disregard what you feel does not fit.

The shark could represent that thing in your husbands life that comes at him, that attacks him, that he has this love/hate relationship with in his life. He taunts the shark, but the shark has the potential to kill him. This isn't a literal death here, it is that your husband is "killed" by the very thing that he fights against. And in the end he succums to what he is fighting against. He doesn't see that this is going to "kill" him. He thinks he can be greater or wiser than this thing coming at him. The very thing that is taking his time, he thinks he can play with, but in the end it gets him, he resigns himself.
Do not fear with this dream. God is always in control over anything that comes at us. God is showing you that this will come to an end.
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