Dreamed of just finding out I was pregnant...

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Dreamed of just finding out I was pregnant...

Post by Miller on Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:59 pm

Hello. I've never posted before, and I'm new to this. I've always believed that dreams are whispers/nudges from above, but this one has me kind of stumped. Any help would be a good weight lifted.

I dreamed (last night so it's starting to lose focus on all the details) that I was at my boyfriends (serious boyfriend relationship, college sweetheart etc, marriage/kids talk is already being talked about) parents house. I don't know why I was there, I don't remember. Inside was almost like a store, like a warehouse store. I remember thinking on the back of my mind, that maybe I was pregnant. I was so afraid that somehow I would lose the baby if I really was pregnant and I wondered if I should try to find out. I am suddenly talking to a woman, I believe it to be his sister, we were friends (even though I have yet to meet her, I'm meeting her tomorrow actually) and talking about how she just had a baby and that you can always tell when you have a baby. She reached out and felt my stomach. As soon as she did that I could feel that I was pregnant. It was like a electric shock of happiness and joy to feel that. I felt a little protective that I didn't want her to hurt the baby, or anything to hurt it. She looked at me in surprise and said "oh you are pregnant can't you feel that?!" and then she started to squeeze my stomach and like mash it a bit like dough, and said "oh wait a minute maybe not" and then this horrible sinking feeling overwhelmed me that maybe she was hurting it, causing me to lose the baby, or maybe I wasn't pregnant after all. And I moved away.

That is the first part of the dream. The next is I'm driving away from the place, on the back twisty road that they live on. I'm driving a red car very fast (he had a red jeep, and I used to have a red car with my exbf) and it is pouring rain and I go off the road. I am thinking of my boyfriend the whole time. Almost like he is in my head talking to me, like a phone. I shoot off the road high into the sky. I feel the car and myself falling and falling and hit the ground and it happens over and over...when I hit I shoot back up into the air, like hitting hills and every time I hit my seatbelt gets looser and looser and I know I'm about to fly out of the car, I try to wrap the seatbelt around my stomach, and I'm holding my stomach thinking that I was going to lose the baby if I crashed. The next thing I remember clearly is the car is in the water, somehow I have come out and am laying on the ground. Someone is telling me that the car is in the lake/river etc. I am afraid to tell them I'm pregnant because I'm afraid they will tell me no I'm not. Nurses come and helicopters to take me to the hospital. All the while I'm so afraid that my boyfriend will find out I'm pregnant, or that I will find out that I'm not. And that is the end.

(Note: I would be thrilled to be pregnant, and it has been on my mind for quite awhile. The possibility of me being so is there. My bf would most likely want some time before we have children, but we are getting married and I guess unofficially engaged as we were waiting until he got this new job to actually become officially engaged, with a proper ring etc. I wear a "promise" ring for him as it is.) So WHEW. there it is. We are both very much in love, but he is away right now in western europe on business so I'm stressed a little with him gone. Any help would be lovely. Thank you much.

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