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Post by Serenitylova on Thu Jun 24, 2010 5:27 pm

So I dreamed a some months ago that I was at my old church (the church I grew up in) and it was time for the altar call. There were people in a single, file line going from the middle of the church to the back of the church. I first had the angle of seeing this from the side. My mom was handling the altar call. Then I was looking at the angle of in front of the church looking at the line of people. My mom was still on the altar but it was like she was giving me the opportunity to lay hands as well. She was on the right of me and there was a young man desiring prayer. He wouldnt look up at me nad I knew something wasnt right with him. He was demon possessed. I then laid my hand on his forehead and it was such a powerful force coming from him. So my mom laid her hand on my hand, and together the force lifted. We didnt say a word, just laid our right hands on him. He then was able to look up and was free.
I try not to take it as a literal meaning, but just want to see what someone else thinks!
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