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So I dreamed that I was at a church, dont know whose church, and I was with my mom. My good friends, who are a married couple and they're pastors in Tennessee and I think of them as my brother and sister, were at another church like next door to the church I was at. It as like I was waiting on them to come and I was getting impatient. So I tell my mom that I'm going next door to get them. Right when I was heading for the door, the guy came walking in. Then they sat on the Second row in the middle section. Me and my mom were sitting in the section to the right of that section and I got upset with them because, they were running late (which they always do IRL), then when they came in they didnt come sit with me and my mom, but they sat where they wanted to. So, I went marching to his wife, who was sitting on the 2nd row and I started chewing them out for everything they did. Then the dream switched********Next thing you know, I was at my old high school, (IRL this was the actual high school I went to) and I was there for our class reunion (IRL coming up in May 2011 will be my 10 yr reunion) . The class reunion wasnt that night, it was the next nigh but we were all there getting ready for it. I was so excited about it in the dream. So I went to my specific class on the 3rd floor and I was taking my time to go into the classroom. When I got there at first there was no one in there. Then I left and came back and a lot of people were there. All the seats were taken up, I saw guys (actual boys) that I went to high school or grew up around the block with, and they were just looking at me. Then one girl that I was cool with in high school IRL was standing right outside the doorway and was asking me what she should wear for the reunion. She had a nice top on and then (so sorry for vulgar thought) she had on some black, lacy underwear-like bottoms and some really nice black shoes. Then she showed me some light or white pants/shorts she could put on with some high white socks and white tennish shoes. Even though I didnt really like the black, lacy bottoms and would never wear them, I told her to wear them because it looks better than the other outfit, and it makes her look more mature rathen than a little girl in the whilte bottoms. She had her friend right by her trying to help her decide. I just kept telling her that that style was out and she's not on that level anymore. But she ended up listening to her other friend and went with that outfit anyways. Then I had to go downstairs for something so I was running/skipping down the back stairs. But as soon as I hit the 1st floor, i realized I left something upstairs. So huffing, I went back upstairs to get it and came skipping right back downstairs again, and then I woke up. WHAT CAN YOU MAKE OUT OF THAT? IVE PRAYED ABOUT IT AND I KIND OF HAVE A SENSE OF WHAT ITS TALKING ABOUT BUT I NEED A CONFIRMATION. ANYBODY??
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