I dream about my meeting with my future one

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I dream about my meeting with my future one

Post by Marie on Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:59 am


Greetings to you. Here is my dream,

I am 26 years old. Last year, i dreamt about a man,and i know who is he, i met him once but i did not talk to him), which until now i still remember clearly the dream.

The first scene is, I am standing far away from the man.I saw him leading worship, singing praises to God.
The second scene is, We are in one same van, talking to each other, as if like first time talking, as our conversation is normal talk. but is like it is starting..I still remember the things that we talked about.
The third scene is, we become good friend and we appreciate each other very very much.

And finally, he proposed to me and we get married, and the sentence that i said is ' my dream of getting married had come true.

I dreamt few times about him, there was a time where i dreamt that he comes to my country for evangelistic concert and in that dream, is like we know each other.

The another time was, i dreamt that his mom is praying and prophesying to him to go to south for spreading Gospel.

I want to know, if God revewing to me, will He reviews to him as well? as i believe, His thought is always higher than mine... And sometimes i wondering whether myself dreaming so much or what, but... i prayed that if it is not from God, i will forget on that, but.. until today, almost 2 years, th dream is still alive.

Should i tell him on the dream as well? but we din know one another, i just met him once.

Please help me in confirmation and pls advise.

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