Can someone help me w/ this dream?

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Can someone help me w/ this dream?

Post by mygod.says on Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:05 pm

I had a dream this morning that I was camping w/ my parents on a stretch of beach area near Corpus Christi.

There were several people camping around us none of whom I knew.
A storm came, and as we were tying everything down, and putting stuff away, I looked and there to the West was
a huge wave several stories high.
We went to the convenience store on the corner & after everyone is inside I was trying to close the door, the air
was pushing against it, and I thought .. i'm not strong enough, but then to my surprise the door closed and I locked it.
I am watching the wall of water the whole time that was going on. It was HUGE! We could hear it going over us, however
no water even seeped into the door way or any cracks.. we were completely safe.
I saw some get swept out to the ocean, and then as I watched them I saw another wall of water coming from the Gulf, and
we were getting hit again from the south/east.
Then, all of a sudden.. I am camping again, but this time I go to the other side of the road, there are two women teachers,
I have never met but knew them to be teachers in my dreams, and we seemed to know one another as friends.
It was a normal day, like nothing had happened the day before.. no debris or anything.
I saw a tv monitor, and the news they were showing the affects of the storm that had happened the day before.
They showed a map of the United States and the areas affected by the waves over the west coast and almost to the middle
of the states were covered in red, the lower southern from the Gulf to almost Oklahoma was covered in red,
and from the east almost to the middle of the United States, very few areas were left un-touched.
I turned to the women next to me, and asked if they had heard what had happened from yesterdays storm.
They said no, and was stunned they had missed it, and then as I looked out over the horizon to the west, there it was again..
and I pointed to it and said there it is again, and we got up to leave to the store..
then I woke up.

I didn't have too much fear during the dream, more like amazed at it all, and wondering how this could be.
I remember the windows in the store were clear from ads.. so I could see it all very clearly.
The height of these waves was unbelievably tall, like looking up to the empire state building.

I'm not really sure what this all means. I read over some of the tips on this website, and thought..
maybe my parents are in there because I've been parenting/counseling lots of people lately.
some online, i've never met, and I do not even have a counseling degree, people just open up to me all the time.
I always get the ' I don't know why I'm telling you this' from people.

I am going camping w/ the family in August in that area. So I'm not really sure what this dream means.
I have some ideas goin on, but would love to hear from others.

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Re: Can someone help me w/ this dream?

Post by anicholson47 on Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:16 am

I havent taken the test....the wave is a symbol of the attacks of the enemy...the fact you didn't think you were strong enough is how you feel during the attack like you won't survive but you do...God protects you and your family...the fact the teachers were not aware of it means it will be localized to the people that you know only....the second wave is of a second attack that will come....the store represents the house of God, food & shelter all in one....this means that He is going to protect you and your family from mutiple attacks of the worries He's got your back....
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