caring for someone elses baby like it was mine, but really unsure

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caring for someone elses baby like it was mine, but really unsure

Post by bek24 on Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:49 pm

So I was upstairs in a house, in a bathroom, I was drying off from being soaking wet. This took place at the home I am a nanny at. I remember I was downstairs first but there was water gushing off of me and splashing everyone around me, and some seemed annoyed. The water was soapy too. I went upstairs to get the water under control so people wouldn't be upset. I looked out the window and could see another house, it was light pink, and 3 stories. In the very top was a small room with a table, there was one lady up there drinking tea. I remember thinking it was odd she had that whole house but just chose to be in the little upper room. Then I was almost jealous of the room, it was like her secret place with the Lord, and I wanted one of my own. Next thing I know I'm outside in the yard of the light blue/grey house behind me. My cousin and her husband and her baby were packing up to go (I'm not close with these cousins, but they are good people) I talked to them a bit but don't remember about what. Then all of a sudden they were gone and there was a baby in my arms. I didn't know whos baby it was, but there was no one around but me, so I took care of it. Then I'm holding the baby in front of the light pink house which faced this blue ranch style home that was small and seemed to be abandoned (blue for me symbolizes the prophetic or revelation) it had a green front porch. The house didn't seem to fit in this neighborhod though, it was older and smaller and a different style. (This is not the same house my cousins were in front of, that was more grey and taller.) I stod there not understanding anything that was happening. The wind started to blow and swirl and me and the baby sort of hid nxt to the pink house when the ind would be blowing, then run to the front porch of the blue ranch an run back to the pink. This just kept repeating until finnaly, I looked in the blue house and saw no one was there but there was a bedroom with a crib. We went inside, and once we were in, though small and not fancy it was good enough for us for now. I put the baby in the crib and it seemed like it was mine, the house, the baby at least for now. Then I woke up...any ideas?

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