driving wit a baby in the backseat, stopped at a railroad crossing in a not so nice neigborhood

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driving wit a baby in the backseat, stopped at a railroad crossing in a not so nice neigborhood

Post by bek24 on Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:23 pm

had a dream (a few months ago) I was driving this car down a dirt road, it seemed to be a not so nice neighborhood. The road had a lot of gravel. I was driving, and remember having this feeling that I was on some sort of mission or something important I had to do, like I had no choice. I was trying to get somewhere specific. I came to a little town and stopped because a lady was approaching my car. It was also rail road tracks in front of me. She came to my window, and was telling me I can't go that way, (I was pointing straight) she didn't seem very happy. I told her I had to go, could she please let me go. I then pointed to my backseat and said, "but I have a new baby, I have to get there!" I had this feeling like it was my only choice. Then she said, "fine.... ok" but still wasn't that happy. This place I stopped, was a town of all bars...I remember thinking "I can't stop here, this place is no good" Then a big black train came straight down the middle of that town, it was perpendicular to me. It was so strange because there was traffic going with the train, one van was even on the tracks in front of the train going the same direction. It looked crazy. I'm watching this happen, and sitting in my car wondering what I should do. Then I realized I can't pass through there, I'll have to wait for someone else to come take me to my destination. I then (after the train passed) Pulled forward and parked my car right on the tracks, got out really fast, got the baby, and went inside a nearby restaurant/bar. (only option) It was cold outside, so me and my baby (who looked no older than 3 months and was a girl), Just sat by the window inside of the bar. I held her and said...we will just have to wait here. The bar wasn't bad, it was a restaurant too, I remember it was the best option in that town and no one bothered us. Then I woke.

I posted another dream I had before this dream, maybe 3 month before, where I was pregnant in that dream. They are most likely connected somehow. Thanks for your help!

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