Fighting a monkey and a wild cat with my bare hands.

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Fighting a monkey and a wild cat with my bare hands.

Post by steadygaze on Mon Jun 21, 2010 6:55 am

I woke up from this dream this morning. I believe the Lord is showing me


I was at some wild animal park with friends I went to mission school with
in Africa. We were doing some kind of camping and just hanging out. We were in
the visitor center and all of a sudden a Monkey came at me not the others just
me, the monkey jumped over the fence on top of me. I wrestled with it and the
others left they did not help me they blocked off the visitors center while I
was fighting with this money and this went on for hours I fought this wild
monkey. The monkey did not hurt me it was as if I knew how to handle this monkey
that it could not hurt me then finally I was able to throw it over the
protective fence. Everyone asked if I was okay. Then a little while later a
wild cat jumped this protective fence and again it came right at me. Again
everyone did not help me they ran and I kept my hand over this wild cats
mouth and it seemed to have paralyzed it from causing any harm to me with its
paws, this battle of holding this wild cat went on for some time it was like
wrestling the thing but again I had the upper hand and I did not get hurt. With
all my strength I was able to throw this wild cat over the fence. I was then
with the girls and some of them wanted to barrow my clothes because they were
short of clothes and so I gave them my clothes and one girl got sick and threw
up on them. It was okay no big deal I just gave her my clothes..The girl who
threw up on my clothes threw up on my blue slippers. Then as we were sitting
around together talking one girl asked me about the battles with the wild
animals, so I began to share about these battles I had with the two animals,
then one girl from Africa said oh it was no big deal she had an animal come at
her one time but it left. I was like no you do not understand I wrestled with
these animals for a long time and could have died.I felt as if no one understood
the battles I endured to over come these attacks animals.

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Re: Fighting a monkey and a wild cat with my bare hands.

Post by Nyagali on Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:59 am

As the song goes....."This world is not my home, I'm just a passin' through" are a visitor....
What has the Lord showed you about this? Especially about the throwing up and blue slippers. I don't get that part.....

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