New To Here Need Interpretation please

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New To Here Need Interpretation please

Post by GodsChild01 on Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:46 am

Hi everyone im new to this place but i know this site is Biblical so i trust im getting godly advice on dreams i have i just wanna see if what i interpret is the same as what you guys interpret in my dream tthanks tell me what you guys think

The last dream i had i was hanging out in my room.....with a shirt Two brothers and dad were moving furniture into a truck outside of the house it seemed as if in my dream i was being dad asked me if i wanted to help at first i dident but then after my brothers were talking saying that the stuff they were moving was going to theses girls houses that do some sort of modling so when i heard that i jumped up and started helping thinking to myself in my dream that once i go their to the girls house i can meet them and get to know them i still had my shirt off....while i was getting ready to help i notice my dad was really strong and just lifting stuff on his own like a whole couch by his self it was surprising to me because in real life he has arthritus so he can really do all that but i started helping him move furniture while i was helping him he was moving so fast it made me laugh in amazment also seemed like i was still joking......After i helped him move furniture in the truck he told me "you need to help out More dont you love me?"not in thoses specific words but thats what i got out of it. i felt bad..i said i am sorry dad ill help i gave him a hug and when i hugged him furniture almost fell on him i moved him out the way and said see im helping..then i said ok ill help.......after that I heard a car pass buy it was loud then i woke up........there was really a car that passed buy....

Interpretation: I belive the dream ment that i was too busy being spoiled and just hanging out more and worrying about my looks then helping out with the family............i also belive it was god speaking through my dad to put more effort into my life in all areas to glorify God more what do you guys think thank you.... God Bless :)

What did it mean about the girls??? Am i too focused on the girls?? Before i had that dream i prayed to god to bring me a wife and prepare me for marrige

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Re: New To Here Need Interpretation please

Post by Gissy2 on Sat Jun 19, 2010 5:00 am

Hi Godschild01 welcome to the site! I am new myself and I think you found an excellent site.

These are just my thoughts and you should pray on what I have said.

I agree with you on your interpretation. I believe God was speaking through your dad. There maybe an area that God wants you to mature in when it comes to family life. God maybe telling you if you want to be prepared for marriage and taking on a wife you need to focus on your he runs his home. I think this is God's answer to your prayer.
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Re: New To Here Need Interpretation please

Post by piano on Sat Jun 19, 2010 8:35 am

Hi Godschild01,

I am also a new member, and have not taken accuracy test.

For your discernment..
Toss what doesn't fit, still learning as well...

God maybe telling you if you want to be prepared for marriage and taking on a wife you need to focus on your he runs his home.

Im thinking this as symbolic focus on Our Heavenly Father...How He runs His house. He is powerful and in his power does not really need our "help" so much as our presence with Him in relationship, and our service to Him as His children whom He loves.

It is part of our duty to not allow anything to come between to squash that relationship, IE:
Earthly furniture that is not eternal.

You came closer and embraced your father (God) but when things started falling, you moved Him back out of the way, when He is all powerful to protect, thinking that you had been helping Him.

I do believe God calls us to good works, as long as they are through His Spirit, not the arm of our flesh.
He does not love us less when we are stuck, He loves us more.
He draws us with bands of love, not chains leading to imprisoned duty.

Your bare chest I see representing as baring your heart, as well as could represent a bit of to speak, that needs to be tamed. You know, Tarzan was sort of wild and a loner...but had a loving heart and was looking for his Jane...

God wants relationship and honesty and I think you showed that in your dream. You didn't really want to be a part of the move (of God) at first, (he asked for you to help, it was not an order) but changed your mind... albeit for the wrong reasons.(Girls)

I do believe God will lead you to a model wife...(modeled after Him)
Perhaps this dream is about first learning of Him, because you love Him, as He first loved you.

This spending time with Him, you began to get closer, even to the point of embracing Him in love.

Thanks for praying over this interpretation..

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Re: New To Here Need Interpretation please

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