Please Interpret my dream

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Please Interpret my dream

Post by latoya31 on Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:07 am

I had a dream about me and a friend at a event at a Big Stadium. We were sitting in the stands and someone came up to me and said that the leader of a demonic cult was sitting onside of me. I got up and moved. I ended up sitting on side of the world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. We were talking with one anoter. Then I could hear my husband (we are seperated) talking on the phone to his mother about how happy he was with the lady he was committing adultrey with. I got up to leave and my husband caught up with me and he was dancing around. He had on new clothes, shoes, and jewlery. He was like you didn't want me so I will be with her. He danced away. Then as I was walking the hall people started running screaming the witches are coming the witches are coming. I ran into the restroom trying to hide. I had no where to hide so I ran out the restroom and the witches and head leader was chasing behind me. Then I ran outside and campfaluge myself in the grass and I could hear the witch walking over me saying where is she I couldn't catch her. Then I ran to another bush and a guy ran to the same bush trying to hide too. So I took off running and ended up in a atheletic dorm on a college campus and I woke up sweating. Please interpret for me. Thanks

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