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Post by Tasha on Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:08 am

For the first part of the dream I wasn't there physically, but it was more like a vision since the whole thing seemed to be going by extremely fast (if that makes sense). I seen two men running. One looked about 30-35 with brown hair. The other was younger, about 20-25, with blonde hair. Both were wearing dark blue shirts and light blue jeans. They got to a wall that was like 12 ft. high and it was black and it seemed to be made out of some smooth stone (onyx comes to mind but I donno). The older one hoisted up the younger one up and he climbed over onto a two-way highway. I seen some cars abandoned on the side of the road. He stood in the middle of the road, waving his arms at a light green semi-truck that was coming toward him. The truck honked for him to get out of the way but he then sat on his knees and didn't move. The truck then slammed on the breaks and kinda swerved to the right, stopping suddenly. My "vision" then went kinda above/behind the passenger in the truck. The blonde man that was in the road gave him a small cylinder made out of glass with some papers inside. The words printed on it was M.A.S.H. I have some feeling that the people in the truck were speaking in Russian or something but I'm not sure but I think the passenger asked "are you from the army" or something like that (I don't speak Russian btw although I am trying to learn). The whole feeling in this first part was a feeling of urgency. The second part of the dream had a white airplane with red stripes on the sides. At some point I was inside but then I was looking at it from the outside. The landscape was a single airstrip with fields on both sides. The plane was trying to take off but somehow the whole plane pointed straight up toward the sky. This is all I can remember.
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