Dream to be interpreted

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Dream to be interpreted

Post by mary71 on Mon Jun 14, 2010 1:16 pm

Can anyone help? I am not sure about a dream I had recently and was wondering if it could be interpreted its a dream where I know I couldn't have made it up. I was dreaming that a house was being built in the street I used to live when I was younger and noticed that the wood and materials were not good quality and were a bit flimsy. Any gaps there were they stacked some bricks in it I remember checking the wood and it moved slightly. I didn't know the builders. I also noticed them putting things( bulky items) into storage on racks inside this new building and remember thinking I wouldn't do that its not safe. I was then aware that it was not a house they were building but a church it didn't feel very safe because I knew what it was made of. I left this building and walked into a dullish smaller church which was right next to this church building that had been built and when I looked back I saw them (builders and people involved in erecting the church) laying a new bright red carpet which looked very smooth with it being new but it still didnt feel right. I looked back into the church where I now was and went to choose a place to sit and sat in a row which was side on compared to the rest which were facing the church with the red carpet. I was waiting on my mother as we were going to go home and whilst I was waiting 2 girls that I went to school with in when I was around 5 - 10 years old came in and sat beside me. This dream felt very real in particular when i looked back at the red carpet in the 1st church chuch building. I would appreciate any help with this. Many thanks

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Re: Dream to be interpreted

Post by Nyagali on Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:15 pm

Hi Mary,

I've not taken the accuracy test for dream interpretation on this forum but will answer this as the Lord shows. Please pray on this and disregard what you feel may not fit. The Lord will show you.

I wonder if God is taking you back to deal with some things in your life? The age of the girls is significant 5-10 years and they sat beside you.

This building represents your life, and because it is a church, probably more specifically your spiritual life. There are some things in there that don't belong anymore. Storage, flimsy building, bricks being stacked in holes etc mean there is something foundational that needs to be changed. The "basics" are not strong and not well put together either. Things are missing and the builders are just patching and not doing a good job at it. Does this reflect anything in your spiritual walk? Quick fixes? Foundational beliefs that are possibly wrong or not solid and are starting to show up in your life now that you are getting older? Not that I know how old you are but could God be bringing some of this to light now?

It was a place you lived when you were young so the dream goes back to things you were brought up with, what you were taught spiritually. Some of it is falling apart, you are starting to see the "holes" in it but are also trying to patch it up, keep it together.

You look sideways because you are not looking straight on. You see things now from a different angle. Is God showing you your life from a new perspective?

Red can symbolize many things: the blood of Christ, the cross. But your feelings are significant. This didn't seem to have a good sense to you. Is it uncomfortable. Was it laid down just for show? It was the same builders who laid this rug or I may think the uncomfortable feeling was ok. The same builders (belief system) can't bulid a new church (belief system). It will end up the same as the past eventually. You were uncomfortable in this other place too even though it has a pretty new rug....something that looks attractive in this new phase in life but it's all the same in the end. It is OK be be uncomfortable when we don't understand what God is doing. When he breaks the boxes in our mind and changes us (renews the mind), believe me, it is VERY uncomfortable going through it....but good for us. You didn't feel good, if I understand correctly. Is what you believe just a "show", the blood of Jesus changes us, the cross is the means. It isn't what we just talk about, it is very real. We can't just look at it and say we "know", we have to experience Jesus.

Is the Lord showing you anything in this? Please pray on it. When God speaks it is always based out of his love for us, not to condemn us..... Please disregard anything that you feel doesn't fit right.
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