Riverside dream

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Riverside dream

Post by nosette on Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:29 pm

I live in a house by a river and there are 2 banks you must go down to get to the river. Last night I had a dream that I was working in the area between the 1st and second bank. I looked up and out of the river came two giant crocodiles followed by a beast that looked like a rhino but had pink and light blue shadings on it. I lost track of the crocodiles, but the horned beast enter a building that suddenly appeared in front of me behind a cat like creature with the same coloring. The building they entered was like a condemed brick building you find in the inner city and it had a hole in the wall which was how the animals had entered it and it was covered with pink and light blue graffiti. I remember thinking this must explain the pink and light blue on the animals. A very large zebra then appeared in the hole in the wall but of course he was not black and white but also pink and light blue. under the intense gaze of the zebra, I became afraid and began to run for the second bank, but I couldn't find the path.Brush and trees blocked me from climbing the steep hill. Finally, I came to the path, but I did not have the strenth to pull myself up. Then something had a hold of me. I turned and found a group of men had caught me. They took me into one of our out buildings. I kept screaming for my husband, but to no avail. The men then asked me if I had an insurance policy. I told them I had just been looking at the policy and handed them a copy. They were angry and quite disgusted when they found out the policy was for only $7. They were trying to decide what to do with me when I woke up. Any Ideas??? I recently was upside down in a mortgage with a balloon payment hired a lawyer to do a loan modification, but he took my money and did nothing so the house went into foreclosure which has forced me into bankruptcy. I also have numbness in both feet and my daughter who almost died her last pregnacy with pre-eclampsia was suppose to go on a mission trip to ghanna africa in january just found out she is pregnant again and due in january

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