Swimming with Whale and Seals

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Swimming with Whale and Seals

Post by Kiri on Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:47 pm

There's a very large, very deep pool (like Seaworld) but used by people. In the pool is a large whale and many darting seals. My family are floating on surf mats, my daughter (IRL 17yo) is about 2. My IRL father is there. I didn't note everyone present. People were not afraid, and some were swimming down to the whale (who seemed to be laying near or on the bottom)

I joined my family on the surf mat and my dad said "There's one down there for you..." with a smile, thinking I didn't know about the whale, and as if he expected me to be worried. I said to him "It was here yesterday too" it was as if the creatures could have swum in from the sea. I wanted to show my dad I was not afraid.

I slip off the raft knowing my daughter is safe, and swim down toward the whale which is what interests me. I realise I have not enough breath to get that far, and see the seals darting playfully. I think, my dad would love this, and mentally picture going and getting him. One seal begins to interact a little with me but at speed, so I back away a little to give him space, but find myself backed against blunt spikey shiny metal poles sticking out the wide of the pool wall. I wake up.

I felt perfectly safe with no anxiety for my daughter or others. The water is very clear, very blue because of the tiles of the pool. It was a safe but adventurous experience.

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