Please read: Reading with nuns, stickies with names on them on a convent ceiling, new home being built with only a finished basement first?????

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Please read: Reading with nuns, stickies with names on them on a convent ceiling, new home being built with only a finished basement first?????

Post by cbvirtuous on Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:24 am

This is a dream I had last night and the other I had is about my mouth full of metal I posted seperately today but was also in this succession of dreams last night.

Im in a room with 2 older sisters/nuns. Looked like I mayve been in a convent-the room was beautiful but basic like ones in convents. Iam reading out of a book about the process girls will go through in their 'nunship', I guess. (I knew the girls were about 3 in number and younger maybe late teens). I was enamored with the few pages Id been looking through in the book of spiritual instruction and godly living, it warmed my heart ) I mention to the 2 older nuns, "so this is what the girls are reading?" and they answer something about "Yes, it is", and I think they said something about sacrament and something about the instruction the book contained about what the girls would go through. Then I say something back to the sisters about it being the girls' sacrament or something. Im pretty sure thats the word we were using since it keeps coming to mind, but Im not 100%. The book had a beautiful leather lime and sage green cover (my favorite color) with etched designs it reminded me of an elaborate journal cover.

Then the scene switches to me standing on a ladder or a chair on the other side of the room and picking stickies off of the ceiling. Some were yellow others, blue, pink, etc. One sticky said Larry on it. IRL, Larry is my 8 yr old son's friend from Georgia, where we just left 4 mos ago to move. Larry is a Christian but has a huge anger problem that troubles my son. They had some kind of conflict recently on the phone and havent spoken in a couple months. My son is always saying he does not feel Larry is a true Christian and has the Holy Ghost living inside of him. My son is very sensitive to the spiritual things and how his peers behave. And hes been troubled by their not speaking. Anyway, in the dream, Im on this chair or ladder and I see a bunch of stickies with peoples names on them, I go, "Larry?", and I look down and his mother is below me and some woman I didnt recognize. They are also looking up at the ceiling almost curious. So I take the sticky off and hand it to Larry's mother. I start pulling other stickies off that have certain names on them (most I dont recognize who they are but in the dream for some reason they had significance to me) I start pulling certain stickies off, saying what they are and handing them to the other woman below me.

Scene switches again to a house and Im standing next to a construction guy in front of the basement door of the house. Now what was around me were just foundational things, like wood beams and the frame of the house but no walls or anything finished. There was a window also to the left of us and outside the window was grass, so it was a new house being built on a plot of land. My son was there with me and he was excited. I think he had a friend with him. He ran down into the basement. At this time Im on the phone with the man I was most recently involved with (SEE Dead Man and A House Dream repost from last week)
IRL, I am praying on him in my life bc of the ups and downs we've had through our previous involvement. He has been moving toward returning to Christ the more we talk. At present we are painfully sorting through things, he's been calling alot told me he is sorry for mistakes and asked me to please accept because of where he is, he is still very faltered. Our previous mistakes are still very tender for me and because I love him, it is a very difficult decision . Im trusting God to lead. God has shown me 3 times, He is working on him and he will come to the Lord again)

Anyway, so in the dream while Im at the basement door next to the construction worker, he calls me again and we are talking pleasantly and he asks me something about if I drink. I am still kind of paying attention to the home and whats going on observing it while Im talking to him. We are discussing I dont drink at all anymore (IRL, this is weird bc its a conversation we actually had a while ago one day where I told him I dont drink alcohol anymore. He has never in his life and despises it bc of an alcoholic parent). So my son has been back upstairs and apparently is starting downstairs again. I say something to my son while on the phone about being careful or not running (he's always running around and it annoys me if we are somewhere its not appropriate) The construction guy says something like "its kind of dangerous" like if he goes downstairs running around. So I look downstairs (my friend and I are still talking on the phone while Im tending to things and my son) and I say to my son, "Hey, come on back up then". What I noticed was the basement was done just beautifully, lavishly, presentable-I loved the little I could see down there. The basement was the finished part of the house, oddly, walls, ceiling, rooms and everything...

That was the end.
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