Roar of Lions

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Roar of Lions

Post by Jordanriver8 on Sat Jun 05, 2010 8:24 pm

In this dream the bottom half of my home was my childhood home, the top half was the home I currently live in. I remember there were a group of people in our house. They seemed to be family friends of some sort of my parents, people I remember as a child, but vaguely remember as an adult.

I remember we were trying to go somewhere and people were having a difficult time leaving the house because there were lions and lioness' in the home. I somehow managed to get outside and hold the screen door to help the people exit. I could hear roaring and screamming and people struggling to leave, some never made it out, others who did were badly teethed marked or scratched. There were some who were scratched but the scratch didn't leave any marks or welts on the skin, but you could tell they had gone through some kind of ordeal but were unscathed. I remember seeing my husband's niece come out with her little son, and she decided she would leave him in his crib because he was sleeping. She walked right back into the house and I could hear more roaring, somehow she managed to get upstairs leave her son and came back. I was distraught and asked why wouldn't she just carry her son, she said it didn't matter because the baby was okay as the lions would protect him, and left matter-a-factly. I could hear the lions crunching on bone and flesh and walking around upstairs searching for something. I turned around and closed the door and headed towards our van.

The dream then shifted and I was back at my house, now upstairs. I remember seeing the kids bathroom door closed and my littlest one saying "Mommy, don't open the door because their are lions in there". I told him, that there were no lions there and that it was only a dream. When I opened the bathroom door and turned the light on, sure enough there were no lions. However an uneasy feeling settled in and when I turned around I noticed a huge chunk of the bathroom wall was gone. A little boy about 6 or 7 years old named Spencer (don't know anyone by that name irl) came in and kept saying, "Look, lion teeth marks!! That lion must have been really angry. Look there is fur left in the tub. Wow! Angry lion!!" And the dream ended.

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