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Post by dreamer7 on Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:18 am

A day ago i had a brief dream that i was breastfeeding (or trying to) a newborn baby even though i don't remember giving birth to it. it seemed that i had no mil in my left breast and was trying to change the baby to breasfeed from my right. i remember laughing coz the baby's suckling made me feel ticklish . i then woke up...........

.......a little later i fell asleep again and i dreamed that i was driving a car that belongs to a certain man from my church who i must confess i have been interested in getting to know better. i met him at our church's single professionals group a year ago but our exchanges have been brief and casual. in the car with me is a friend of mine and am not sure where we are driving to even though at the back of my mind i recall that the friend has invited me for her son's birthday party. (she actually has IRL). the road seems smooth though a bit winded. as we continue a lorry appears from the opposite direction and as we are watching,it goes on to have an accident . i sensed that my friend and i rushed to the scene of the accident to try and help the victims. as we are there, the man whose car am driving suddenly appears at my side and puts his arm round my waist and very gently kisses me and then leads me away from the scene of accident (at this point i don't know where my friend has gone) and i know we are indeed dating. as we are walking (i know we are heading to the place where i'd parked his car), i tell him i'd like us to attend my friend's son's birthday party. he says we can't go just then coz we need to spend some time together talking. we get to the car only to find that is has been vandalized-someone actually stole the steering wheel!!! . i am very afraid that 'my' man is gonna be mad at me for getting his car messed but he doesn't and again leads me away from there and says we find somewhere to sit and talk as the car gets fixed (i don't know by who). i show him a patch of some green grass and we sit to chat. i can't recall exactly what he said but it was something like he was very happy to be with me and was looking forward to what the future held for us (in the dream i knew that we were about to get married). next i see myself with some ladies from my church and from the questions am being asked, i gather its either my bridal shower or they are planning one for me. i then see myself with 'my' man next to his car where he is showing me that it has been fixed and looks as good as new . a little later i woke up (very reluctantly ) from the dream. i remember that i was very happy and at peace in the dream-apart from when the lorry had an accident. this is the second time i've dreamed about that particular man and both times he has been very gentle and kind to me. actually IRL,he is a quiet and calm person even though am yet to know him that well.
i've been praying for a spouse but i do not want to assume that God has said this man is 'the one' and i would appreciate your thoughts and prayers on this. God bless you all.
In His service,
Dreamer 7

*PS:there were other activities in the dream but i deliberately left them out as i felt they have no direct bearing to this.

*PSS: my sister recently had a baby maybe thats why am dreaming about breastfeeding?

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