Marriage to my already maried spouse !!!

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Marriage to my already maried spouse !!!

Post by cognizant on Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:15 am

hello all,

I've been seeing this dream for a second time and was wondering if it has any strong message to say.. stumbledupon this site and thought I may get some help from this forum.

In my dreams ...I see a marriage ceremony where in I'm the bride, and the groom is the love of my life my husband(i've married only once!!) we have been married for 6 years...have a good relation...n we I've 2 adorable kids.just had one 7 months back)

In the dream that i saw last night it was a marriage reception . My husband looked much handsome and lively (than he was 6 yers back when we actually got married..)..his jolly self that I see every day ..the crowd that was attending our wedding were dfferent than the one who attended our wedding 6 yrs ago....In my dream they appeared to be more wealthier, colorful, most people were adorned with crystals and exquisite jewllery.

As I was standing I see a very renowned my dream i say to myself like wow this person is comin to my wedding tat too uninvted..n is giving us a very expensive gift. It is really an honour to have that person come..n that too uninvited!!

In my dream somewhere I'm thinking I already have 2 kids with my husband and why are we having this 'marriage' coz we already have a healthy and strong relaton with each other !! N i seemed to mutter to myself like is this a strategy of havng a party?? However I notice that there are no kids around not even mine....the party seemed more like for the adults..

I hope someone can interpret tis for me...I'm willing to answer any questions that u have for me


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