dream of a black snake and also another seperate dream of a banker

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dream of a black snake and also another seperate dream of a banker

Post by nikkig276 on Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:00 am

I have had three significant dreams these past few nights. The first one was of ghosts. This new dream was of a black snake. I dont remember too much of it except that in the dream my husband and I were sitting in a garage just talking and a black snake appeared. My son said"look there's a black snake over there. Do you see it?" and he took off running. I could see it from far away and it was sitting on a red blanket. It made its way over to where my husband and I were and I became scared. My husband was sleeping and I was trying to wake him up because it was trying to bite my husband. It slid its way over to him and my husband woke up and just laid there pretending to be asleep. The black snake slid underneath us and all of a sudden my husband very quickly grabbed the snake from under us with its bare hands and threw it far away and it was gone. I was thinking that he should've had killed it because it might come back. Then I woke up. That was the dream last night. Tonight I had a different dream...
In this dream my husband and I were on a trip somewhere but at first not together. In my dream I was with one of my old boss's and we were on our way in a car to a place that was beautiful. It was blue skies and there were brownish or sand colored mountains or hills. I remember making small talk with him on the way there and feeling like I should not be there with him. We ended up on one of the mountains and we both wanted to take a shower. So, he took one first and said the water was freezing. When he said that I could hear my husband pulling up with my youngest son. Then my husband said that I should wait to take a shower because the water was so cold. We were at the bottom of the mountain during this time but somehow we ended up on the mountain and it was me and my husband and my boss and his wife. All of a sudden we were on the way to a bank and I asked my husband if he talked to my boss and if they got along ok and he said yes. Then my husband and I walked into a bank and my husband asked for the President/CEO of the bank and the secretary told us to go right in much to my surprise. My husband said he had done this before and talked with him a few days ago. We got up to the highest floor and someone asked us what we were doing there. My husband asnwered that we were there to see the President/CEO and the guy who asked said "Great. That makes 9 of them today. First its them now we got students, the press, and other people asking for him." While we waited for him my husband became flustered and turned nervous and red, but as he did this it wasn't my husband, it was someone else. The CEO came out in a nice business suit and shook our hands. He shook my hand and I just gave him a big warm smile and he said to my husband "My, you have such a pretty wife." My husband talked to him about getting a loan. The CEO said he needed to see if we were able to pay it back or not and my husband said that he agreed and he would go downstairs in our car and figure it out real quick. He said "What do you have going on? Are you both working?" I said "Well, we have had a lot going on. We lost our oldest son," and the CEO asked "You mean he died?" and I ansered "Yes. He died. (In real life our son really is with our dearl Lord in Heaven.) Then i said "And we foreclosed on our home (which we did just last year)" but, I remember not wanting to say too much to him because it would ruing our chances of getting approved. In the meantime while my husband ran downstairs to figure out our bills, I stayed talking with the CEO and he said" You are a very pretty young lady." Then I started telling him my ideas of starting my own business and how I don't want to work for anyone anymore and that right now I was a stay at home mom because I never got the chance to spend time with my kids and my husband and it feels great and that soon I was going to go to school and start my own business. (All of this is really true-everything I told him is going on in my life right now.) Then my husband came back and said yes that we were able to afford to pay back the loan and I asked him to ask for an additional $1200 so I could go back to school. My husband said no he wasnt going to ask him. The CEO said we were approved and then I woke up. If anyone could help me interpret all these dreams I would appreciate it. I have had three significant dreams now that just stood out to me. I need to know what they mean. Thank you.

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