Interperation of the dropping of my son

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Interperation of the dropping of my son

Post by Rasberry Renae on Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:06 pm

Hi, im new to this i have only just joined and i would like an interperation of a dream i just had. It starts with being at a amusement park and im with family and when we all have to leave there is not enough cars to fit everyone and we all have lots of show bags that we are each holding, there are only three yellow cars when there should have been 4. I especially notice my cousin who i have not seen in years rush and get in a car which then leaves. Every time i try to get in a car it gets filled so im left standing as i watch the cars speed off and my mother is in the last car she wont let me get in either. So now i realize i have to find another way home the next thing i see is a very high flying fox type swing thing and my youngest son is climbing up to reach my father who is sitting on what looks like a TBar that you use in a ski resort. My father grabs hold of my son by the hands so my son is dangling below, but he doesn't have enough of a grip on him, and my son falls feet first to the ground, I notice also that my son is naked im horrified as i watch him fall. My father keeps going along the flying fox and my sister as well and it seems in my mind that they don't care. I become very distressed and rush to my son on the ground and I can see he is very badly hurt but i can't get any help, i think to get an ambulance but the dream ends at this point. This dream has been disturbing for me.

Thank you for your help
Kindest Regards
Rasberry Renae
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