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dream of ghosts

Post by nikkig276 on Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:27 am

I woke up this morning and took my kids to school and went back to bed. When I did I had this strange dream about ghosts and it is bothering me. I dont remember how it started but in my dream,in the beginning, I was with my closest two girl cousins. We were riding around in the town where I grew up in during the day. Somehow, we ended up in a house that I was not familiar with. It was a big house and it was night time. I remember leaving a boquet of roses in one of the rooms. We left that house and ended up in the house next door which had a familiar feeling to me (though in real life I had never seen it before.) The next thing I know is that somehow one of the children next door was dying. She was a young teen girl and someone said it was because she was allergic to the roses I left and she touched them. We ran over to the other house and saw other children and her parents there crying and watching as she laid there outside while the paramedics were trying to revive her. Immediately I felt guilt about the situation of the flowers and became scared. I started praying for her. The EMT was giving her cpr and suddenly she had one big breath and awoke for a quick second and I started cheering along with her family because we thought she was going to make it. But then she went back into a coma and the EMT covered her up. She died and the family was crying. I decided to take off but before I did I gave the mother, who I guess was my neighbor, and told her " I know I dont know you and we never talked before but if there is anything I can do for you please let me know. I am right here next door." She gave me a hug and said OK. Back inside my house my cousins and I were talking and I had this eerie feeling. I didnt want to sleep by the window on the side that was closest to the neighbors house. I remember one of my cousins talking and asking me if I remembered a girl from high school because she thought she saw her. Somehow, I ended up in the living room which was in the front of the house and I noticed a girl with a baby in her arms and something like a dog or another child by her side. I said "There is a girl outside from far away looking into our house." My cousin siad "That's her! That's (cant remember the name she said) Thats her form high school." So she ran outside to go see her but the girl started walking fast. It was night outside and there were a lot of trees and wood around. Then suddenly my cousing make back running and screaming and said that the girl was a ghost. She said that when she went to chase her and the girl turned around to her she was floating. She said the girl said "Im not 'so&so' I am a ghost. I have been wondering around here since 1815. My cousin was imitating the way she sounded and she had a demonic voice. We were all scared and I started locking all the doors and trying to shut all the windows and close the drapes. I didnt want to go to sleep and was scard in my dream. That's when I woke up because the phone rang and it was my mom. I looked at my phone and said I was going to call her and tell her about my dream. Then I went back to sleep and the dream continued. When I feel asleep again It was now morning or day time and I had talked to the neighbors who said they had another child who died previously. I ended up in a car with the neighbors husband and his friend. I dont know who was driving but we were in the backseat. We pulled up to a stop light and who did we see? We saw a ghost version of his daughter all dressed up. She was in the middle of the intersection dancing with her boyfriend who was also a ghost. I said "She is all dressed up for prom. That is what she wanted, was to just go to her prom." Somehow, we ended up at her prom, or someone's prom, or somewhere where there were a lot of students all dressed up. I dont remember how this part goes or what but I was one of the students now and there were a lot of us together. One of them was actor Luke Perry from 90210. One of the guys got into an argument with some girls and we decided to leave. There were two blond girls that were mad and were walking with us. I can't remember if they were ghosts or not. We got to the car to leave but somehow ended up in an enclosed swimming pool surrounded with windows. We were saying how many ghosts we saw lately and that 'so&so from high school was actually a ghost and was a bad ghost. Right when we said that out of nowhere an arm or something appeared out of the water. It was another ghost. Then it hit me it was the little brother of the neighbor girl who had died. He was babylike and had another older ghost friend who interepeted for him. I dont remember what he was saying but I know some of our guy friends took off and only the girls stayed. We were scared but realized he was not harmful. His interpreter friend said that someone should dance with him so one of our friends volunteered to dance with him in the pool, the shallow side. When I looked up (because, remember we were still at the high school in an enclosed pool with windows all over) there were students all around laughing at her because to them it looked like she was dancing with herself. Then I woke up and said I had a dream of 6 ghosts. What does that mean?

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