A dating dream.

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A dating dream.

Post by daughter on Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:55 am

I really would appreciate only prayerfully-given answers. I'm not posting this dream to get easy answers for marriage! Thanks for reading!

About a week or a week and a half ago I had a dream about a guy I had found briefly attractive in the recent past, but was not at all interested in at the time. We were sitting together in front of some glass panes/"inside" windows that I knew to be the foyer of the prayer room, but didn't look like the foyer does really (the windows don't exist, and the windows had pictures and things on them). His face was extremely vivid, there was no mistaking it was him. I knew we were dating (for me, dating is courting unto marriage... so, we weren't just having fun with each other). He was teasing me about how we began dating. He said that I would give him "the look" (which in the dream was a completely non-sexual phrase and referred to when I would look at him and by that look he knew that I liked him), then I started ignoring him, then I started giving him "the look" again and we started dating. In the dream, I remembered everyone approving of our relationship and a conversation that we had about my weight (I'm about 40 lbs overweight) and how he didn't care about it. I had affection for him in the dream, and when I woke I felt those feelings still. They've stuck around since.

The Lord has used this dream to heal a lot of really deep wounds within the past few days. However, I'm confused of its origin. The Lord used it for my good, but was it simply to bring me into healing and a deeper trust in the Lord? I don't know this man in real life, I only met and have spoken to him briefly. From what I've come to understand, his personality somewhat matches that of the person I dreamed of. Also, upon waking I was remembering the phrase he used as "the look." It startled me, and I feel like there's something behind it. I've had a sexual past, and the Lord has healed me. I feel like the Lord used this phrase in order to encourage me in something. In the dream, it wasn't sexual at all! But upon waking I remembered that the phrase is used only in a sexual nature. It's weird. Also, this man doesn't seem to be interested in return. We may catch eyes, but nothing else.

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