Dream, college and a assignment and a theif.

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Dream, college and a assignment and a theif.

Post by steadygaze on Sun May 30, 2010 7:06 pm

Hi and many Blessing here is a dream I had.

I was in College and I lived in dorms on the campus. The dorms were in a
three story building. I lived on the top floor in a dorm with other girls and
one of them was Christine Lardner. Christine and I shared a bunk, she was on the
top bunk and I was on the bottom. Christine came in to go to bed and she had
this assignment in her hand of lists of peoples names who were in this
assignment with her. As she was climbing the bunk to get in her bed the names of
those who were in this assignment were fanned out like a fan and I could see my
name clearly on the white fanned piece of paper. This
assignment was a very unique and rare, and there were only just less then a
handful who where to go on this assignment. I could not sleep so I went out in
the main room it was like a living room where there were couches and tables etc.
There was a late night class going on so I decided to just lay down on one of
the couches, then shortly after I laid down I fell asleep. I woke up early the
next morning and saw a couple of purses left from the students that were there
from the night class, and I thought why did they leave there purses here where
someone could steal them and inside the purses were lots of money. Then as I
looked around the room I saw windows left open and doors to get into left wide
open, then all of a sudden I could hear someone climbing this ladder and one of
the windows were being jerked and it was a thief, so I ran to the window and
told the thief to stop and he got off the ladder and ran quickly down the street
then he was gone. I saw where the thief tried to tear the screen to get in, "I
am thinking this is crazy," how could the teacher and the students not lock up
before they left let alone leave their personal belongings. Then the head man of
the college walks in and I show and tell him about the purses being left out and
all the windows and a door being left wide open and how a thief tried to break
in, and that he should make sure that this does not happen again because it is
not right or fare to the others in the dorm and worse things can happen if this
was not taken care of, the head guy was writing down everything I had said to

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