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Meaning of spiders Empty Meaning of spiders

Post by Sneeubal on Sun May 30, 2010 2:36 pm

Hi everyone

I wonder if somebody can help me. A while ago I dreamt of a dear brother and sister (they are married) in the Lord. I was sitting with them in a field and there were brightly colored spiders near us. The spiders came nearer and nearer and this brother and sister didn't even noticed, they just sat there unaware and when they finally did notice they weren't scared at all, they touched them etc. In my dream I became very uncomfortable and decided I can't take it anymore and moved away to a place of safety.

I didn't want to share this dream with them as I thought maybe it was just a normal dream. However , today the sister that was with me in the dream commented how spiders in a dream always symbolize deception and that she had a dream a while ago about a big spider near her that wanted to draw her into his web and that to her symbolized deception. I just kept quiet but wondered if my dream didn't mean something after all. Even though they are very mature christians I didn't feel that I could share my dream with them if they believe spiders symbolizes deception , for obvious reasons.

Does anybody know of another interpretation for this?

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Meaning of spiders Empty Re: Meaning of spiders

Post by Cholette on Sun May 30, 2010 7:32 pm

Hi Sneeubal...welcome to the site!

You may want to copy and paste this in the SYMBOLS or DREAMS AND VISIONS TO BE INTERPRETED forums so that the interpreters can see it. This forum is utlized for questions about the site...not dreams.


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