Thief in the Night

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Thief in the Night

Post by Kiri on Sat May 29, 2010 11:37 pm

I have recently had one dream three times. It is a very, very short dream, only like a short scene about three to five seconds long.

Dream 1 and 2 were identical. The dream showed an uninvited person climbing from a neighbouring fenceline on top of our maid's quarters roof. The dream began as the person had removed the TV aerial (IRL non working) and was trying to disappear with it. The first time I got straight up and checked that area but nothing disturbed. The second time I lay there and prayed.

Dream 3 was also identical, but this time it was like a zoom lens zoomed in on the aerial and the actual person, who I recognised as our IRL housegirl, much to my shock and disappointment.

Apart from the obvious, that the housegirl was stealing from us, any ideas?

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