Horses In Our Car?

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Horses In Our Car?

Post by Kiri on Sat May 29, 2010 10:45 pm

I am driving our small people mover van. In the passenger seat beside me sits a friend, who is holding the bridle of a small pony that I know is past foaling age, but she's a good pony. My friend IRL actually bought a small pony from us, but not the one in the dream. In the back holding a normal sized horse is my husband (lol he always takes on the awkward jobs!). We were driving on a highway. It was dark and raining. There was an overhead bridge ahead, and strangely, I was using a torch to shine the light beam on the bridge and wipe the rain off, although I remember saying to Brett I didn't think it would work. As we drove along, another van passed us, dusty and countrystyle. I heard someone call out (about us) "They must be going to Broomsland!!" and on this vehicle ahead, I saw in dusty cursive, the same phrase, painted on the back. While driving I thought, "That must be a play on the word Queensland" which is where we lived back in Australia. When I stop the car to alight, I notice Brett's horse has climbed up on a seat and has it's hooves politely tucked up on the seat.

IRL we have no desire, any of us, to return any time soon to Australia, as we believe God has called and placed us here in Fiji for His purpose. IRL I am so NOT likely to have a horse (been there done that) but IRL we do own a people mover van. Perhaps not spacious enough for two horses tho!

Any ideas?

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