Hello from the Bahamas

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Hello from the Bahamas

Post by J - Jay on Sat May 29, 2010 9:33 am

I know it is the will of God that I found this site. I am a new member here.

I have been dreaming for a while now mostly prophetic dreams. Something strange happened to me last night before I began dreaming. I sat in an upright position and just knew from experience that some type of demonic force was present. I began calling on the name of Jesus and repeatedly saying "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus" and then I fell asleep.
I dreamt that I was in an area of the Island where I live watching from above as a new development was uncovered. I saw the beautiful landscaping, I saw water filling this salt water pond from the sea and the most beautiful trees that never lost flower petals. The strange thing about this is all the while I was flying, but never saw myself. I just knew that I saw everything from above as I looked down. The trees were young and towering but the trunk about 12 inches from the ground were old looking with roots that seems immovable.
The area where i saw this new development is not there. I donít even know if this is a future plan.

Can anyone tell me what this type of dreaming is all about. Is this demonic in anyway because it started out that way.


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J - Jay
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Re: Hello from the Bahamas

Post by SCGirlyGrl on Sat May 29, 2010 7:54 pm

J-Jay, welcome to the site! Glad the Lord lead you here.

I have not taken the accuracy test, but I would like to respond to your dream.

No, your dream was not demonic. The failed attack before you went to sleep was.

What a wonderful dream! I believe the Lord is showing you what is going to happen in your country symbolicly. Beautiful landscaping (God is rearranging things, cleaning things up), water filling up a pond (water represents the Spirit, so the spirit is filling up dry places), beautiful trees that never lost flower petals (God renewing and restoring), trees with deep roots, (deep relationships with God being formed, and sustained).

satan tried to stop this dream because he didn't want you to see this. I feel that may be because you have been praying for your country and God is showing you what He is going to do.

Bless You!
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